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Solar Projects

We as an organization believe in green planet and green energy. As a part of it, we started working on Solar on-grid and off-grid projects starting from 2013.Over this short period of 3 years starting from 2013 till 2016 we have installed 1500+ solar pumping system (a near equivalent to 6 Mw) ranging from 1 HP to 10 HP motors throughout Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, making us one of the major players when it comes to Off-grid Solar pumping system. In addition to this we are empanelled members with various government bodies such as MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy- New Delhi), TEDA (Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency - Chennai), NERDCAP (New and Renewable Energy Corporation Andhra Pradesh - Hyderabad), PEC Limited – New Delhi

( Ministry of New and Renewable Energy )

( Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency )

( PEC Limited )

( New and Renewable Energy Corporation Andhra Pradesh )

“You are as good as who you work with” is what we believe in and this makes us work with some of the best in the industry to achieve the best of quality.

Our Suppliers