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The sun is our planets most powerful source of energy, this natural nuclear reactors release energy which travels over 90 million miles to reach earth. Tapping this abundant energy through Photovoltaic principle was conceptualized in the year 1876. 50 years later on 1883 the first selenium solar cell was invented by an American inventor Charles Fritz and today capturing solar energy using solar photovoltaic cells and converting into electricity is the fastest growing, cheapest and suitable source of energy.

The common myth around Solar Photovoltaic system is that it’s expensive. Yes! It was in the past. Today with the latest technological development and because of mass production the cost of Solar Photovoltaic system is at its cheapest than ever before.

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In fact it is good enough to say cost of a electricity from a solar photovoltaic system is cheaper than any conventional form of energy, With a life span of 25 years and ROI as low as 3-5 years depending on the size of system, one can enjoy 20 years of free electricity.

Rich Phytocare over the years has installed over 15000 systems across India ranging from 1 Kw system to Multi Mega Watt system in residences, Industries and commercial buildings. Rich Phytocare’s qualified experts who can understand your energy requirement can help you achieve your energy goal at the lowest price with highest quality in a sustainable way.

Why Solar

  Install a solar PV system once and shield yourself from ever increasing electricity tariff while enjoying 20 year free electricity. In the last 10 years average household electricity cost per kilowatt hour has doubled.

  Be a hero by saving the planet. Installing 1 Kw solar Pv system is equal to planting to 20 trees which is equal to reducing carbon foot print by 1360 Kg annually.