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Solar microgrid systems are used to power remote locations. Rich Phytocare has worked with CREDA (Chattisgarh renewable energy development agency) to power over 10,000 houses in remote locations with no grid connectivity and thus making it possible for these houses to have 6 hours of electricity.

These systems can be used to save electricity at urban locations. These systems can be customized as small as 200wp to the megawatt plant.

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How does it work?

  Solar PV models connected in an array generates electricity by converting solar energy into electrical energy and sends it to PCU (Power Control Unit).

  The PCU regulates the flow of electrical energy from the solar panel array and supplies electricity directly to the equipment/ homes, offices, shops, streets, light and etc.

  The surplus power generated during the day or if the power generated is utilized, the PCU directs the surplus power to battery banks so that the stored energy can be utilized during the evening hours.

Solar RO water purification systems

76 million people in India do not have access to state drinking water and 25% Indian population is not grid-connected and 30% with limited grid connection. Solar RO water purification is a solution to these people. Rich Phytocare has established over 1500 solar RO water purification systems in rural India to make pure drinking water accessible to rural Indians who have no grid connectivity and less/no access to pure water.

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Advantages of solar-powered RO systems

  Our systems are designed to run minimum/completely independent of electricity supply as compared to typical water pumps that run on diesel or grid or both.

  We provide the latest technology RO and UF multiple input water quality ranges.

  We offer automatic as well as manual water dispensing options.