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The rich solar dryer is our product of outstanding workmanship. It is enriched with state-of-the-art technology and high-quality components which are heated by solar power and drying products. The multiwall polycarbonate sheet reduces heat exhaust through the full consumption of solar energy.

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Heat & Humidity Control Equipment

  When the humidity or heat is surplus inside the dryer, the material is badly affected. As a prevention measure, "the temperature and humidity controller" is fitted with a solar tent dryer against the damage. It is used to control the rotation to the fan proportionate to the dryer of humidity or heat.

  The rich solar dryer executes very high quality and clean dry products. Excellent quality polycarbonate sheet is used to create a parabolic shape dryer system. Drying materials are protected from changing colour through polycarbonate sheet provided with UV protection coating on both sides.

  It is highly capable of withstanding many varied seasons. Fixed with Al 13 aluminium and D1418 EDBM rubber beading. Solar dryer system is installed with very strongly patterned GI pipes and GP pipes.

  The trays are created in the advance 304-grade stainless steel used to place materials. Stainless steel plates are designed for placing them easily in moving trolleys.

  On very hot days, the temperature of the interior of the solar dryer is increased up to 50C to 60C. Best service is provided with the best technicians.

  Rich solar dryer can be utilized for various industries like agriculture, food processing, fish drying, leather industries, etc.

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Some of the usages of rich solar dryer include:

  Drying of kopra (coconuts)

  Drying of fruits

  Drying of oilseeds

  Drying of paddy

  Drying of vegetables

  Drying of dhal varieties

  Drying of herbals

  Drying of spices

  Drying of tea leaves

  Drying of coffee seeds

  Drying of woods

  Drying of rubber

  Drying of fish

  Drying of leather goods

  Drying of vegetables

  Drying of vegetables