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With estimated arable land of 394 million acre and employing more than 50% of the Indian Work force agriculture is one of the major sectors in India. Rich Phytocare was established in the year 2004 with a vision and mission to provide high quality organic fertilizers to the farmers at an affordable price to promote “Profitable and Sustainable agriculture”.

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What do we mean by “Profitable and Sustainable agriculture” – At Rich Phytocare we promote only 100% organic products which are occurring in nature to our farmers and do not encourage chemical based fertilizers which erodes the quality of soil over time, by doing this we promote sustainability. We take immense care in selecting our vendors for raw material and ensure only high quality products are used in our end product and by doing this we help our customers obtain higher yield and higher profit.

Service, Quality and Reliability have been our mantra. Our field officers visit our farmers regularly and provide them regular insight on how to effectively use our product to obtain maximum result and take continuous feedback from farmers to continuously improve our quality. Our quality and service has made us a reliable choice for our customers for more than 15 years across 3 states.