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Rich Phytocare offers a high-quality EPC solution for residential, commercial, institutional customers for both rooftop and ground-mounted systems.

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Solar Rooftop System

The customers can utilize their idle rooftop space to mount solar PV modules and start saving money in electricity bills. The solar rooftop system is more suitable for individual houses, apartments/society to power the equipment in common areas and industries with large roof space.

Types of solar rooftop solutions offered

  Grid-tied rooftop solution

  Off-grid rooftop solution

Solar Ground Mounted System

Larger solar power projects where there is no adequate roof space with the customer to meet the requirement. The solar ground system is advised. Rich Phytocare offers end to end solution for both fixed ground mounting system and ground-mounted tracking solar system.

Why Rich Phytocare?

  Understands customer requirement

  Over 6 years of industrial expertise

  well established team and well-established process

  On-time delivery of projects & Completed over 40 MW of projects across India

  Helps customer identity land for solar ground-mounted projects and handles all licensing activity

Rich Phytocare Process

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Advantages of Solar Rooftop/ Ground-Mounted System

  One time investment and free from electricity tariff hike for 25 years

  Quick payback

  IT depreciation benefit for industrial and commercial customers

  Accreditation benefits for institutions such as schools and colleges

  Long-term solution with negligible maintenance cost